With their debut album “Born in Thorns” having hit the streets on Dark Essence Records in the Autumn of 2015,  Norwegian Black Metallers THE 3rd ATTEMPT entered the Strand Studio in Oslo on the 26th May to begin work on their sophomore full-length album, with a view to it being released towards the end of the year.

3rd Attempt Studio3


THE 3rd ATTEMPT was formed by former CARPATHIAN FOREST guitarists Tchort (GREEN CARNATION, ex-CARPATHIAN FOREST, ex EMPEROR, ex BLOOD RED THRONE) and BloodPervertor (APOSTASY, ex-CARPATHIAN FOREST, ex NEONGOD), who, feeling they had become stale in their roles, quit the iconic band and decided to form a project that would once again ignite their enthusiasm and creativity.  Vocalist Ødemark (ex-MIDNATTSVREDE, ex-NECROCAVE) joined the lineup  following online auditions that saw him beat a plethora of both experienced and new vocalists from all over the world for the role.  Drummer Tybalt (FORTID, DEN SAAKALDTE) whose performance as a live session drummer for THE 3rd ATTEMPT impressed everyone, was quickly added to the lineup on a permanent basis.

3rd Attempt Studio4

BloodPervertor, Tybalt, Tchort

Ten songs for the new album have been completed, and the drum tracks have already been recorded by Tybalt, who had this to say about what fans could expect from the new material: ” There’s a lot more going on than on the last album, and it’s much faster.  We are definitely beginning to forge something that is truly our own.  It’s dark, it’s filthy and it’s mofo rock n roll”.

3rd Attempt Studio2


Ødemark, who writes the lyrics for the band gave, an insight into the subject matter: “The new album is about self destruction from an introspective point of view (inside-out), and is not so much about suicide as it is about the need to seek pain, both mental and emotional, in order to develop as a person.   Song by song, a new destructive facet of life is seen, systematically deconstructing each aspect of the human ego.  It’s about evolving through real suffering, and accepting the fact that you are insignificant.  Basically it illustrates how little I care about you.  So, in a nutshell, it’s just about the truth”

3rd Attempt Studio1

Tybalt & Ødemark

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A video for the track “Sons of Winter” from the 3rd ATTEMPT’s album ” Born in Thorns” can be seen below and at

“Born in Thorns” can be heard below and on Bandcamp at



With their debut full-length album “Born in Thorns” newly released, the 3RD ATTEMPT, the new band from former CARPATHIAN FOREST guitarists Tchort (GREEN CARNATION, ex-CARPATHIAN FOREST, ex EMPEROR, ex BLOOD RED THRONE) and BloodPervertor ( ex-CARPATHIAN FOREST) have debuted a lyric video for the track “Sons of the Winter”.  With live footage shot by Svein Erik Nomeland of at  the band’s recent appearance at the Southern Discomfort Festival, and with still photography by Anders Berg and Paul Sigakis, the video can be seen below and at

The 3rd ATTEMPT was formed  in late 2014, immediately following the announcement by the two guitarists that they were quitting CARPATHIAN FOREST, one of Norway’s most iconic Black Metal bands.  The duo were driven to their decision by a need to work on a project that took them out of an environment where they felt they had been growing stale, and by the desire to once again feel the rush of creativity and enthusiasm they felt had been lacking over the past few years.

Former MIDNATTSVREDE vocalist  Ødemark  joined the band after an internet search that drew applicants from all over the world, both from new and well known bands, and the lineup was completed by drummer Tybalt (FORTID, DEN SAAKALDTE).  After considering a number of offers from various labels, the 3rd ATTEMPT inked a deal with Bergen’s Dark Essence Records which led to the release of “Born in Thorns” on the 25th September of this year,  in both CD and digital formats, with a vinyl edition set to be released in December.

Having already appeared at a number of festivals in Norway, the 3rd ATTEMPT will be joining label-mates TAAKE for a handful of dates on the band’s upcoming European tour and will support NIKLAS KVARFORTH’s SHINING on their Norwegian dates.  Confirmed upcoming live dates as follows:

05 Oct:  Razz 3,  Barcelona, Spain (with TAAKE + ORKAN)
06 Oct:  Caracol,  Madrid, Spain (with TAAKE + ORKAN)
08 Oct:  Glazart,  Paris, France (with TAAKE + ORKAN)
09 Oct:  Underworld,  London , UK (with TAAKE + ORKAN)
26 Nov: The Garage, Bergen, Norway (with SHINING)
27 Nov: Pokalen, Oslo, Norway (with SHINING)
28 Nov: Byker Grave Festival, Newcastle, UK
19 Feb: Blastfest, Bergen, Norway

More information about the band  can be found on the band’s website at or on their  official Facebook page at

The track “Art of Domination” from the 3rd ATTEMPT’s album “Born in Thorns” can be heard below and at