Ødemark  came down for a weekend to prepare and record his vocals, and we recorded ten tracks in total.

A different studio location was chosen to record vocals, which were completed in two days with our producer Endre Kirkesola at the helm as always.

After we’d completed recording the vocals we figured we had a good excuse for a  bit of a party which included Kristine from Dark Essence Records.  We played samples from the album, discussed a release schedule, and of course, celebrated with a drink or two.

So there it all is.  The album is recorded and now we have to go through the technical process of mixing and mastering before it’s ready.  It shouldn’t be too much longer before Dark Essence Records and the band can reveal more details about the album and let you hear something from the finished product.  But, without giving too much away about how the album is sounding, below are some videos from the vocal recording sessions, where you can see for yourselves what vocalists have to put their voices through to get the sound just as they want it – it definitely isn’t as easy as just standing in front of the mic and singing once everyone else has done their bit.


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