Things are really starting to move forward  now for THE 3rd ATTEMPT and we entered the Sanden Studio in Kristiansand  on the 17th April.  We thought we’d share some of Tchort’s photos with you as well as three short videos so that you can get a taste of how things are being done.

The studio has a highly professional pro tools setup and the first thing we did was upload the click track files which we had recorded at home, ready to begin laying down the drum tracks.

One of the great things about the Sanden Studio is that it has a HUGE room for the drums.  Exactly what we wanted, because a big room means a BIG drum sound.

With us in the studio is Endre Kirkesola, who is producing and engineering our debut full-length album.  He’s not only our studio engineer, but also our live sound engineer and someone we have known and worked with for many years, so we know just how good he is. Here he is below on the right with our drummer Tybalt.

Three out of the ten songs had never been played, or even rehearsed before, by the band but Tybalt nailed it right from the off.

We managed to record all ten  tracks in 14 hours over a two-day period.  Vocalist Kaahrl even found time to work on some chord ideas for the grand piano to be used on his song contribution to the album.

The drums are undergoing a rough mix as we speak to prepare for the guitar and bass recordings which will start later this week.  The drums are actually being mixed down to a stereo track to be exported to the home studio of Tchort where the guitars and bass will be recorded.

Our next studio report will cover the recording of the guitars and bass, and in the meantime enjoy some videos of Tybalt at work on the drum recordings.

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